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Framework Development

The modern corporation faces many challenges regarding the implementation of Intranet/Internet/Extranet applications. The typical organization has multiple teams pioneering different applications using different tools and technologies. To be as efficient as possible, a corporation should determine a strategy for implementing these new applications in a consistent manner.

This strategy should leverage the existing skills of the company's IS staff where possible. The best way to promote developer efficiency and to ensure consistent development is to implement a framework.

A framework is a set of reusable custom components and procedures. It allows for those aspects of the business and the IS development process to be constructed once in a generic manner. These components can then be reused and customized in many different instances.

Frameworks can be custom built to meet the specific needs of an organization. The Enticy Group has members who have extensive experience constructing different frameworks in different environments.

Architectural consulting

What are the best tools for implementing transactional applications in the browser? Which technologies should we consider to provide a scalable and robust application environment? What is the best way to partition the logic of these applications? These are all questions that need answering before any attempt should be made to implement a web based application.

The answers to these questions depend on many factors. What legacy applications are to be integrated into the new system? What traffic levels are expected on this site, initially and going forward? What are the skills available to the development team? What skills can be acquired?

Each organization will find its own answers to these questions. The Enticy Group is qualified to help you determine the correct environment and to help you build that environment.

Once an environment has been determined, the next step is to ensure that all teams working in this environment are working in an effective and consistent manner.

Application Development

The Enticy Group also builds individual custom applications. We can use this development effort to begin building your own specific framework. This added benefit to the development effort comes at virtually no extra cost as each application that we work on benefits from the same rigorous software engineering approach.

This allows us to identify opportunities for code reuse and component construction while working on relatively small applications. Any subsequent development carried out in-house or by the Enticy Group will be able to leverage work previously performed.

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